Our Vision

“Rooted in Christ with the dynamism of Mary our Mother, we respond to our prophetic call, to build a harmonious society of justice and love bearing lasting fruits.”
Rooted In God
For a plant to grow, remain fresh and bear flowers or fruits it needs to be in the soil (water) from where it draws the manure, water and the minerals needed for its growth. These things are brought to the plant through the roots which are spread out in the soil. The deeper the roots are gone into the soil, the stronger the plant remains and are unshaken by the wind that may blow. The purpose of the plant is either to bear flowers, or fruits, or to look beautiful with its beautiful appearance or to give good wood etc. The plant is given the capacity to achieve its purpose.
If the plant is separated from the soil it will dry up and die. It needs to be constantly in the soil to achieve the purpose for which it is created.
Human beings are created to know God, to love him and to give glory to him by bearing fruits in abundance and lasting fruits. “it is to the glory of my Father that you should bear much fruit and be my disciples” John 15:8; “I chose you and commissioned you to go out and to bear fruit, fruit that will last”. John 15:16.
The fruits the Lord wants us to bear are the fruits of the Spirit: Gal 5:22. It is impossible for us to bear all these fruits in our lives without the help of God. We need the power of God. God’s power will flow to us if we remain united to God just like the branch remains united to the plant and let the sap to flow to it from the plant. We have to remain rooted in God just as the plant is rooted in the soil. All that we need for bearing fruit we will receive from God/Jesus. We have to let our roots go deep into God so that the qualities of God can flow into us. Our root is our mind. The mind sets itself on God by sending its thoughts to remain on God and his qualities. The longer we remain pondering on the qualities of God manifested in Jesus during his public ministry and desire those qualities they will flow into us and take root in us. Thus all the qualities we wish to possess we transfer from God into us and finally we become laden with fruits thus letting our lives give glory to God.
To make the union with God easy, make use of the morning prayer/meditation. As you pray the hymn, psalms or the canticle or read the Word of God, pay attention to what you are saying and ponder over the word/phrase/sentence. In this you will have a message for the day. Share it aloud so that others can hear and receive inspiration. If nothing strikes you, read again and pick up something that makes sense to you and do the same. After everyone has shared once again from what you pondered over pick up just a word or phrase which you will keep repeating and pondering again throughout the day as often as you can. This will help you to be in touch with God and gradually help you bear fruit.
Mary, Our Example
To know what we become when we are rooted in God, it is enough to look at Mary. We can look at some examples in her life. From the childhood Mary was offered in the temple and so she spent her time in the temple reading the sacred scripture and praying while pondering over God’s Word. By the time she was engaged to Joseph she was so rooted that when the angel announced to her at the annunciation that her cousin Elizabeth was with child since six months Mary understood immediately the situation in which Elizabeth was. So she went in haste to Elizabeth’s house. Her sensitivity was hundred percent sharp because of her rootedness in God. She was able to feel the feelings and needs of Elizabeth. As we keep looking at her life we see that she received all the qualities of God in full measure, all because she was rooted in God. If we become rooted in God what happened to Mary will happen to us.